Film Classics: filmdalok szintetizátorra
Termék kód: EMBF0217
Gyártó: EMB
Fajta: szintetizátor kotta

63 pont

Bruttó ár:
4 230 Ft / db
Részletes adatok
Eredeti angol dalszöveggel, akkordjelzéssel, akkordmagyarázattal ellátott kiadvány.
1.  A Groovy Kind Of Live 
 2.  Aces High (Luftwaffe March) 
 3.  Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life 
 4.  As Long As He Needs Me 
 5.  As Time Goes By 
 6.  Chariots Of Fire 
 7.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 
 8.  Do-re-mi 
 9.  Flashdance...What A Feeling 
 10.  I Will Always Love You 
 11.  Im In The Mood For Love 
 12.  Love Story (Where Do I Begin?) 
 13.  Making Whoopee 
 14.  Mona Lisa 
 15.  Moon River 
 16.  Singin In The Rain 
 17.  Smile 
 18.  Some Day My Prince Will Come 
 19.  Tears In Heaven 
 20.  The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) [Cher] 
 21.  This Used To Be My Playground 
 22.  Up Where We Belong (An Officer And A Gentleman) 
 23.  You're My Best Friend