Dobszay László: The World of Tones - Part II-Introduction to Music Literature
Termék kód: EMBKI39
Gyártó: EMB
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Introduction to Music Literature
This two-volumes edition (KI38 and KI39) contains the teacher's manuals to Volumes IV-VI of the solfege book series. All the assignments and remarks of the pupil's books are also inserted. The first three volumes, mostly based on Hungarian folksongs, are summarised in the introduction. 
Kodály said that the main essence of solfege is 'music appreciation made conscious by musicianship training'. 'The culminating element of solfege is the control of the grammar and syntax of music.' Dobszay's series grew out of these ideas. 
The carefully selected material is especially suitable to present the characteristic features of Viennese Classicism and the Baroque. The Hungarian Student's Books are to be used with the English manual.
1. Teacher's Book and Instructions to Volumes V-VI