The Wizard of Oz-Piano-Vocal-Guitar
Termék kód: EMBALF32755
Gyártó: Music Sales
Fajta: zongora-ének-gitár

101 pont

Bruttó ár:
6 700 Ft / db
Részletes adatok
Tartalom: Over the rainbow                                                             Munchkinland musical sequence                                                      B.It really was no miracle                                                                        C. We thank you very sweetly                                                                    D. Ding-Dong! The witch is dead                                                            E. As mayor of the munchkin city                                                           F. As corner, I must aver                                                                          G. Ding-Dong! The witch is  dead                                                            H. The lullaby league                                                                                  I. The lollipop guild                                                                                     J. We welcome you to munchkinland                                                      K. Follow the yellow brick road                                                                 If i only had a brain                                                                                We're off to see the wizard                                                                         If I only had a heart                                                                                      If I only had the nerve                                                                          Optimistic voices                                                                                   The erry old land of Oz                                                                              If I were king of the forest                                                                     The jitterbug                                                                                             Wizard of Oz character themes                                                       When we get what's A'comin' to us  Poppy song